Slip.cc Review

Everyone is concerned with their private information getting loose on the internet.

Nowhere is this more of a worry than with hook-up websites. An overstatement? There were at least two suicides linked to the extortions or the guilty consciences of the men who signed up to AshleyMadison.com after their information was made public. A simple hack ruined many lives. By comparison, no one suicided when their credit card numbers were stolen in the infamous Target hack. Nor was anyone as concerned when the digital records of the United States Government’s Office of Personnel Management were stolen by overseas hackers.

It makes some sense. These hook-up sites feed into our dark desires. It is what we desire most to keep hidden— the most personal of our personal lives. More than people knowing what we do in our own bedrooms, it is them knowing what we do in the bedrooms of other.

Still, there no getting around sites being hacked. No matter how careful they are, every site is vulnerable to these invasions. This puts the responsibility firmly on the consumer to protect themselves.

Even with all of the legitimate concerns, people still flock to these sites. Mostly men but, as they do work for some, women as well. If you are willing to put yourself out there in this manner, it is worth noting that Slip.cc allows you to access their site with minimal invasion. They require a functioning e-mail for basic login. It will not be confirmed and no links will need to be clicked. This will allow you to search the site and create a profile with pictures. However, as you try to operate beyond the basic functions, you will find that everything from contacting another member to watching their videos requires a paid upgrade. Even the basic chatroom is not accessible without a trial membership.

No worries, you can still search the people in your area. If you live in a small town, you will find many women who are more beautiful than those you see on the streets and each will have a profile professing their need for sex. If you are in a city, you will find more realistic pictures and profiles which makes this site feel legitimate.

So, perhaps after a thorough search, there is someone you believe to be a living, breathing woman and you want to contact her. What further steps are needed? The trial membership is approximately $9.00 for three days which is the universal standard for these sites. However, one highlight here is that they allow payments to be made with PayPal where anonymity can be maintained better than by paying with credit cards or direct transfer. This makes the basic membership of Slip.cc more enticing than some other comparable sites.

Also, unlike other sites, there is no search option that restricts you from showing up if you have not confirmed your identity with a photo identification. If anonymity is your key concern, this helps maintain that. However, if safety is a factor in your searches, this makes the site less appealing and is a feature that disproportionately hinders women from signing up. This then makes it harder for men to find women in their area. A nasty cycle.

Overall, Slip.cc allows you a platform to present yourself to people in your city or county. In that, it is a better way of finding a companion for the night than a Craigslist listing or a profile on a site exclusively for dating. That said, it will take time and energy to find someone so be prepared to pay the revolving monthly fee of $29.95 and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there on other websites simultaneously. Just guard your private information in doing so there, as well.

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