Fling.com Review

Fling.com is an independently operated adult dating website where over two million members find the thrills and action wanted and expected in a premier adult dating site. With streaming adult movies and video chat with Fling.com’s models, the site could be described as a combination of an adult dating site, a porn site, and a pay-per-chat site. You’ll find a sexually adventuresome membership on a site that fully supports and engages an ‘action oriented’ lifestyle. There’s no holding back at Fling.com.

Fling.com’s communications features like e-mail, private chat, and their on-site instant messenger are accessed only by Premium members. While you can still e-mail your interests as a fallback measure, the superiority of the live chat and instant messenger options can’t be overstated. They will be your main methods for determining if the member(s) you are interested in will end up being to your liking. Having both features, in addition to site-based e-mail, gives a dater the tools needed to see the personalities of their prospects (live if they choose the webcam option) and decide if they are ready go a step further.

Fling.com seems to have re-established itself as one of the better adult dating sites out there. They offer a great selection of useful features while serving a large membership of sexually interested (and interesting) members. For value, they are a very good choice. Their pricing is reasonable and the features are what you need without a lot of needless fluff. They seem to be holding their spot as one of the better adult dating sites on account of their basic, nicely valued, no frills applied approach. It’s got everything you need for a quality adult dating experience, including a free 3 month extension on your membership if you fail to find yourself a fling in the first 3 months.

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