BeNaughty.com Review

With more than three million active members, complete with sexy profiles including (for premium members) as many photos as you like, BeNaughty offers innumerable naughty possibilities. Free membership offers the opportunity to search the site to see who is active on the site in your area and view their profiles. If you’re a premium member, you can view full profiles, complete with the innovative (though not totally unique) Sex CV, to give more information about a user’s sexual preferences. While this is all you can do as a basic member, upgrading is available at a fairly reasonable price for the longer duration subscriptions. At about $10 a month, at its cheapest, it may be worth giving BeNaughty a go.

Also, the ability to pay by mobile phone offers a discreet payment option which will suit many users. Once you’ve upgraded however, the site offers lots of other opportunities including the ability to engage in video chat, audio chat, forums, and also use the naughtyshop to pick up a few interesting products you might not find everywhere.

Disappointingly, the search options available for members of BeNaughty are much more limited than on other sites. Users can only search by what are regarded as ‘basic’ search options on other sites, though in defense of BeNaughty, it is possible to search by username, ZIP Code and by those users who have been active on the site within the past 24 hours.

As we’ve mentioned, the audio and video chat features on the site add an extra dimension to the whole experience, and with more than three million active users, there’s always a great number of people online and waiting to chat. Unusually, if you wish, you can provide your cell phone contact details and have users send you a text message, voice mail or indeed, call you, for extra contact options. Because this is at your discretion, it does not damage your privacy settings either!

While BeNaughty seems quite good, and has a significant number of members, it falls behind some of the sites that rate higher in our reviews in terms of cost-member ratio the cost of the site is higher than others which have a great deal more members. You may find it useful to sign up as a free member on several adult dating sites before deciding which one is best for you.

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